Effective immediately use the new URL: https://ams.ies.descartes.com.
The old URL: http://ams.iesltd.com will no longer be operational as of May 15th.

Welcome to IES Ocean AMS

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Log-on to IES Ocean AMS

To log-on to Ocean AMS, please click one of the buttons below. For support inquiries, is always recommend to initially refer to the extensive IES Knowledgebase or Customer Extranet. Chances are that your question may have already been addressed and fully documented in our fully cross-referenced knowlegdebase.

Technical Support & Training

To request technical support, please visit the IES eSupport Portal. For additional information about the eSupport Portal, please also click here.

To access the Frequently Asked Questions document for IES Ocean AMS, please click here. Additional information is also available on the Customer Extranet or in the Ocean AMS manual.